Pool Storage Ideas

Friday, 15 December 2017 by
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Many prospective pool owners don’t know that a swimming pool comes with a lot of ‘stuff’. There’s the pool cleaning equipment, pool toys such as balls and inflatables, pool floaters (which take up lots of space when inflated), pool slides which have to be stored once deflated, towels, and more. And if you are going

How To Fix Your Algae Problem

Tuesday, 29 October 2013 by

Pool Cleaning Palm Beach     If your pool is gaining a greenish tint, you must know that is not a good thing. It means that something has gone wrong within your pool system and now you are battling algae growth. Algae is not a serious issue, but if it’s growing in your pool, you 100 percent want to clean it before going swimming. So, how do algae begin to grow in your backyard pool? 

It was a miserably hot Fourth of July in Phoenix, AZ and one man decided to do his family a favor and cool down their backyard pool. While their pool is only temperature controlled by the sun, this guy had the brilliant idea to throw a 300 pound block of ice into his backyard oasis. The main question that had everyone buzzing was where did he get a block of ice that big?

Same Loyal Company – New Style

Friday, 02 August 2013 by

After thinking about how we could make ourselves more interactive with the community, your Pool Guys of Palm Beach have re-vamped their blog along with simply revitalizing the original content. Our new blog will be full of do-it-yourself pool tips along with funny summer pool stories and hurricane preparation steps.