Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean Before the Cleaning Guy Goes Poolside

by / Tuesday, 20 June 2017 / Published in Blog, Pool News

While you may be in between cleanings, your pool guy will appreciate taking some precautions that will make your pool stay clean before he or she gets there. Since we’re in the stormy season, things like leaves and debris can blow into the basin and cause drains and filters to clog up or even fail. This week’s blog we point out some ways to get you some relief making your pool guys time more focused on cleaning.

Use the Best Tools You Can

When it comes to cleaning the pool before use, be sure to invest in the right tools. The Swivel Skim Elite Floating Skimmer is an excellent tool to and uses an innovative approach to eliminating bugs and leaves from clogging up your pool. The nice thing about this tool is its ability to be bi-directional, making cleaning a breeze!

Pool Blankets Keep your Pool Warm

If you plan on going on vacation and would like to maintain the debris to a minimum consider investing in a pool blanket. Many of these devices allow you to cover the pool and can be stored in an underground storage box. Of course, these aren’t always inexpensive, but they are usually motorized and can highly protect your water.

Baking Soda Just Found it’s 100 Use

One of the biggest household products used to clean everything is Baking Soda. This powdery substance has over 100 applications, and it’s just noted for another. Arm & Hammer has designed a version that’s ideal to use with chlorine in the pool. This product is called “Clear Balance” and is meant to work with chlorine to keep the pool clear and clean. Great product and a ‘must have’ in between pool cleanings.

Get Your Pool Organized

In addition to cleaning products, keeping your pool tidy can be made easier if you create related areas such as storage spots for toys, cleaning tools, and towels. You can find a ton of DIY crafts for just that by visiting a place like Pinterest. Materials such as PVC pipe can be turned into a towel rack to dry wet towels and save on your laundry bill. On top of that wooden pallets make great holders for noodles and towels. By taking the time to organize your backyard living space, you’ll find the inside of the pool tends to stay cleaner.

While these are just a few tips for you to consider, be sure to speak with our aquatics specialists who can suggest solutions to any issues you may have.

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