Titanic Was One of the First Ships to Have a Swimming Pool

by / Monday, 13 March 2017 / Published in Pool News

Three of the Best Swimming Pools found on Today’s Cruise lines

Per the writer’s at titanicfact.tumblr.com, the Titanic was one of the first ships to have a swimming pool. That was probably one of the smartest things that cruise line did. While we’re not 100% partial to swimming pools, we will point out today’s cruise liners are more impressive than they were over a decade ago. From waterfalls to private coves the ships trudging the barring sea, are luxurious as well as a big party or quiet waters, take your pick. In this blog, we dive into some the world’s largest cruise ships and talk about their best amenities, the pool!

Just think, you could be sitting at home playing beer pong with your freeloading friends or you could be on a cruise soaking up the sun. These mega-pools are typically one of the biggest highlights of the vacation and in most cases, can make or break the holiday altogether. Whether you’re seeking a place to soak up the sun or a quiet cove for two, indeed there’s something for everybody.

Take for instance the classy P&O Cruise’s dynamic but contemporary design with plenty of seating indoors and under a sunny covering. This swimming pool is there to take your mind off life’s challenges and just enjoy the luxurious ride.

Other than P&O’s modern oasis, the splashy pools found on the Royal Caribbean are ideal for toting the little ones. They have dramatic scenery along with some adventurous features like flow riding suitable for even the most bored teen. This is one to add to your list. But when the kids are done for the night or if you’re just looking for some quiet time the Solarium is for grownups only. You’ll love it!

Known as one of the Chicest Luxury Cruises is that of the Viking Star. Harper’s Bazaar expresses this ship on point, Perfect for Those seeking an immersive cultural experience–and those with an appreciation for impressive interiors and a love of poolside lounging. This mega-ship has a capacity of 930 and is designed for those seeking upscale amenities. Their infinite pool is so breathtaking with the set up facing the ocean, so you feel like you’re hovering over the sea. Take the tour of the Mediterranean; you won’t be disappointed.

There’s a multitude of first-class cruise ships and yachts frequenting our waters. Be sure to look for great deals or speak to a travel agent. We hope this blog helped you pick out your next travel destination. In the meantime, “Never Let Go Jack”!

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