Unique Ideas for Your Palm Beach County Swimming Pool

by / Tuesday, 16 May 2017 / Published in Pool News

Look on Pinterest or Amazon and you’ll quickly recognize there’s a plethora of ideas out there from accessories to safety devices built for your swimming pool. Once you do a Google search, you’ll immediately have more drop downs than you know what to do with. We decided to make things easier on you by finding some of the coolest items for you to have around your Palm Beach County swimming pool for Summer 2017. Take a quick look.

Who doesn’t love to float on cool inflatables during the hot summer months? The 2-Pack of Swimline Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice Float is the ideal solution for you to lounge by yourself or with friends. These cool floaties come in a 2 pack but up to 8 slices can be attached together creating a whole pie. Great idea for going to the pool, lake or ocean.

Next idea comes from www.intheswim.com and is a super great tool to help dogs carefully get out of the pool without a struggle. Although this innovative pet ladder is mobile, it’s also lightweight and can hold up to 500lbs. Your pets need to be protected too. Take the necessary measures to ensure their swim is safe and fun for them by picking up one of these handy ramps, called the Pet Step!

Aside from pets and pizza floats, swimming at night needs to have the proper lighting. Fun and festive Jellyfish Pool Lights are a great plan to illuminate your water and are perfect for entertaining. Just toss them in the pool and catch a light show on the water. We find these to be safe and won’t harm your filter since they are large enough and can’t fit in most. Got to love a good idea when you see one!

The manufacture Solstice created an ultra-cool lounge seat that can be used both inside and outside of the swimming pool. You can spend your leisurely time sunning yourself on this floatation device or you can have loads of fun with up to 3 friends to soak up the sun with you. Perfect size for just about any pool a 68×36 inches. Buy yours on Amazon today.

Last super awesome idea for the pool is the GigaTent Pop Up Pod for changing. This is a portable cabana you can bring anywhere. The tent comes with a handy carrying case and is up to 69” tall for people with longer legs and torsos to change in privacy. Gotta love this excellent solution that allows this type of flexibility without having to build anything in the backyard. Excellent innovation for traveling too.

So there you have it! A terrific set of tools that’s ideal for your backyard living space, camper or beach trip. Let us know if you’ve got any ideas that will make suitable accessories for your swimming pool, jacuzzi or backyard.

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