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Why Pool Guys of Palm Beach


Pool Guys of Palm Beach is a leading company for pool service and repair in Palm Beach County.

We can provide references for any type of job or service. We service and repair both residential and commercial properties. Not only do we have hundreds of residential customers,  we also service and repair for some of the largest property management companies in the county. Our prices are competitive and our work is superb and guranteed. Furthermore, we are always reachable to discuss any issue or concern.

  • Pool Guys of Palm Beach is a licensed and insured pool company. We are State of Florida Pool and Spa Contractors and Certified Pool Operators.  We have the highest licenses that can be obtained by a Pool Service and Repair Company.
  • Pool Guys of Palm Beach provides excellent service at an affordable price. Unlike most companies, we offer a flat rate monthly charge based on the size of your pool. There is never any additional charges for stabilizer or calcium treatments.
  • Pool Guys of Palm Beach has both a cleaning and repair staff. Our pool technicians are trained to look for small problems before they become large ones. Daily,  on your service day, the pool technicians will report to the route supervisor any issue with your pool so that a repair technician can go to your house to further diagnose the issue. No repair is ever performed without your prior approval.

Licensed and Insured Pool Technicians

Lastly, we hold our pool technicians accountable for their service to you.  All pools have a service card that is kept in your timer box by your pool which list the dates and times that your pool was cleaned. This allows you to see for yourself what day and time the pool tech was at your home.  Never guess whether the pool guy showed up again.

Remember, next to the purchase of your home, your pool is one of the largest investments you’ve made.  Hire a company that can protect that investment with proper maintenance and repairs.  Improper care of your pool can shorten the life span of your pool finish and equipment .  Trying to save $10 a month by going with an unlicensed company  can cost you thousands in the end.   Don’t forget…..you get what you pay for!

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