Winter By The Pool in Florida

by / Friday, 15 December 2017 / Published in Blog, Maintenance

For most people across the US, winter is a time to pull the cover over the swimming pool and forget about getting into the water for a while. That’s because the low temperatures and the freezing water renders most pools (or the idea of bearing skin outdoors) too harsh to even think about.

However, if you live in Florida, you don’t have to play by these rules at all. In fact, for you, winter by the pool is the perfect plan. And here’s why!

  1. No winter in Florida

As you very well know if you live in Florida, there are no winters around here; at least not in the typical sense. While other areas of the country are getting covered in snow and the temperatures are dipping to freezing levels, South Florida enjoys much warmer weather. Sure, there might be a few cold fronts blowing occasionally, but the weather remains warm and sunny. And what better way to pass a sunny winter than by hanging in and around the pool?

  1. It’s great to have what others cannot

It’s great to be in a position to enjoy what other people cannot; especially if it’s great weather during the best holiday season of the calendar. While other Americans are piling on warm sweaters and sipping on hot beverages while cooped up indoors, you have the opportunity to throw on your swimming outfit, take a cold dip in the pool, and even work on that tan. How fantastic is that? So take full advantage of the opportunity and make the pool your best friend this winter.

  1. Holidays + Swimming pools = A great time

For most swimming pool owners, any free time is possible swimming pool time. And with the winter season marking the advent of the holidays, you have lots of time on your hands. So why not spend it around the pool? Forget the fact that its winter. You have the pool at your disposal and you have great weather in South Florida. You have everything you need, even if you’re all alone. You might as well camp there till spring. What else is there to do? Sleep by the pool, eat by the pool, read by the pool. Everything goes!

  1. It’s the perfect spot to host holiday parties

The end-of-year holiday season and parties go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. It’s a perfect combination. And you know what else makes for a great combination? Swimming pools and parties. With the temperatures being bearable around these parts, your swimming pool is the perfect spot to host friends and family during the Christmas and New Year season. You can host pool parties, pool-side barbecues, poolside dinners, and more!

And if you have friends or family braving the cold weather in other states, invite them over and let them enjoy a taste of South Florid winters by the pool. And, of course, it goes without saying that if the temperatures do dip too low levels, keep warm.

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